And you know what?

Liam colors the bomb

Liam is visiting Supergenius HQ today as he’s between daycare providers. He’s been here since 7 and doesn’t have to leave for school until 1 p.m. He’s much more chatty solo than he is when the other Tibbles are with him. In fact, moments after this photo was taken (yes those penguin lights are from Christmas. Judge me, I don’t care) we had a conversation that went exactly like this:

Liam: Jodi you know what? We have a Wii and you know what? We have Netflix on our Wii. And you know what? Sometimes we watch Mario brothers on it. And you know what? Princess Peach is on there too. And you know what? This one time they had little butterflies. And you know what? The butterflies were on their noses like this {insert interpretive dance that involved fingers flitting around his nose}. And you know what? It was funny. And you know what this one time Bowser had a bomb and he said what do you want? And you know what? He went like this {insert jumping up and down while making eeh eeh uuh uuh noises} and then {bomb exploding sound} it blowed up. And you know what? Don’t you think it’s kind of sad?

Me: What’s sad?

Liam: When the black birds on Angry Birds blow up and die but don’t kill any of the pigs.

Me: Sure.

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  1. Doug 12.Mar.11 at 11:30 pm

    It’s a tragedy those birds died in vain.


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