A Not-Very-Short List of Things I Did Today to Procrastinate

  1. Spent three hours trying to get my three-year-old printer to connect wirelessly to my wireless network so I could print out the CSA registration form.
  2. Spent at least 20 minutes pouting about my wireless printer’s inability to connect to my wireless network.
  3. Set 82,192 curses upon the heads of the people who made the Brother Printer user interface and an additional 281,282 curses on the heads of the assholes who write their “help” documentation.
  4. Print my stupid form un-wirelessly like some kind of Edwardian chump.
  5. Made eggs for lunch.
  6. Watched last night’s “Mad Men.”
  7. Went in search of two envelopes, two stamps, and my checkbook, because if I’m gonna be an Edwardian chump, I am going to chump all the way.
  8. Wrote checks for aforementioned CSA and one for dryer vent cleaners.
  9. Watched the latest video update from that new Mike Doughty Soul Coughing thing.
  10. Shuddered in horror at the Garfield stuffed animal featured prominently in so many of those video updates.
  11. Stalked my newest imaginary boyfriend DJ Good Goose who is working on that new Mike Doughty Soul Coughing thing. He is totally adorable.
  12. Read about the latest State Arts Board grants.
  13. Registered to apply for a State Arts Board grant.
  14. Signed up for NetGalley so I can read Carrie Mesrobian’s book Sex & Violence.
  15. Pretended like I was a person who reads books electronically.
  16. Signed up for Zinio so I can check out digital magazines from the library.
  17. Spent 10 minutes singing the praises of the library.
  18. Downloaded the latest issues of The New York Review of Books, Poets & Writers, dwell, and Elle (not because those last two rhymed, but because Adele (which also rhymes) was on the cover).
  19. Pretended like I was a person who reads magazines.
  20. Brought the dirty dishes to the kitchen.
  21. Brushed my teeth.
  22. Started emptying the clean dishwasher.
  23. Made this list.

Now, I suppose I’ll try to finish that fucking scene that has been plaguing me for a week and a half because I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it and why it isn’t fitting.

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  1. Susanna 07.May.13 at 11:09 am

    Soul Coughing! I’m here (procrastinating from work) and now on Mike Doughty’s project page.
    A. Why did I forget to read his memoir?
    B. I could tumble into a rabbithole of wondering what will happen with his revising/revisiting the dark places. I saw Soul Coughing live 3 times as they traversed the US back and forth. Each time Mike D became more and more angry and bitter seeming, so that the last show made me have a hurting stomach on behalf of all rock and roll. I still have emotional scars, I think, so that I feel sorry for all touring artists until I remember it’s a choice.
    C. The pledge scale is so annoying! The books are all gone. Not that I have $750 to pledge to a completed project, or $2500 either, but I think it would be so awkward to have an artist play to just me and my significant other (well, it technically says boyfriend or girlfriend, so since I’m married, I guess we’re ineligible anyway). And for $2500 he’ll only travel within 400 miles of NYC? Like, what if I were rich and paid his airfare and put him up in a nice hotel? Then would he go farther? Or does he have, like, an oxygen tube where the cord only stretches 400 miles?

    I’m so disturbed now.

    1. Jodi 07.May.13 at 11:17 am

      A. The memoir is okayish. I think I enjoyed it more because it gave me warm fuzzies about the mid-to-late90s more than anything else.
      B. Yeah, right there with you. However, the last show I saw was like in May 99 and it was really good. Maybe he was having a good day.
      C. I cannot even contemplate the whole private show thing. . . it sounds like hell. I once at a grilled cheese sandwich at a Denny’s in Hudson, WI that was a few tables away from Mike as he (I imagine) chowed down on some Moons over My Hammy. That was too close a brush for me. I don’t want to meet musicians I admire.

      1. Susanna 07.May.13 at 12:07 pm

        Yeah, I entered a contest once to get tickets and go backstage to meet The Cure. This was in like 2006. The newspaper called me and — thank God — told me I didn’t win, but I could have 4 tickets anyway! Best of both worlds — free tickets and I did NOT meet Robert Smith, because what the hell would I say to Robert Smith? Me, shaking like a leaf: “I’m a huge fan!” Him: “No shit, join the effing club.”

  2. LeAnn 07.May.13 at 3:22 pm

    Ah! I just got a Brother printer a couple months ago and I swore a lot trying to set the damn wifi up. The instructions are AWFUL and they don’t really need to be.

    1. Jodi 07.May.13 at 3:25 pm

      I KNOW! I’m still kind of mad when I think how shitty those instructions are and so not helpful at all. Whomever wrote their troubleshooting guide should be shot with 1000 rubberbands.


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