Tragedy & Heathers & Cookies

monster faces for moster cookies

I don’t have any words about what happened in Newtown, only tears and anger. I can’t even muster the outrage so many seem to have at their ready. Really, the only thing I keep thinking is a modified line from the movie “Heathers.”

“Our society nods its head at any horror an American can think to bring upon it.”

This is running through my head not only because I’ve seen this movie so many times the entire script seems etched on the back of my eyelids, but because I still remember when what happened at Columbine was the very worst thing we, as a nation, could imagine. And here we are. And we’ll be here again because there are many people who aren’t willing to give up any of their “freedom” so twenty children aren’t killed by a lone gunman. American privilege, I guess.

There, I found a few words. I didn’t think I would.

Instead I came here to talk about spending the weekend baking cookies with the Sister Club. How I spent the night at The Tibbles house on Friday and we filled up an old iPod Nolan found with music. All on his own he has decided he really likes The Police.

Saturday morning we ate donuts before heading next door to Sister #2’s house where we made a bajillion cookies and met Lex, BFK’s puppy that was so cute and squirmy I couldn’t even get a picture of him. You’ll just have to trust me on the absolute cuteness.

Today I spent the day watching the rest of Buffy season 4 while making rainbow-colored slippers for my nephew Cade who asked for rainbow-colored slippers, and just like every thing I make with my hands and yarn I chanted “I love you. I love you. I love you.” with every stitch, hoping it is like an incantation that will keep everyone I make things for safe and loved.

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