The Pop-Culture Filtering System in my Brain

When it comes to pop cultural nonsense, I have a very elaborate and arbitrary filtering system. We all have these filters, right? I mean there’s just so much out there that we can’t absorb it all. It’s why I have eliminated the screechy and judgmental “I can’t believe you have not read this book” from my vocabulary.

Now that I am FORTY! and wise, I’ve finally accepted that the literary landscape is a vast and varied place. There are more book than there is time and it’s okay if people have foolishly and misguidededly not read Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn. Fine. Whatever. It’s fine if they don’t make time to read a book that is awesome. It’s okay. Really.

See how that not screechy and judgmental is working for me?

Anyway, back to the pop culture filters. I think we develop these filters based on our personal preferences and then use them to decide what kind of stuff does or doesn’t get our attention.

Here are a few of my Does Not Warrant Attention Buckets.

RenFest, The Hobbit, Shakespeare-y Stuff: In my head all this is related. I don’t know why, it just is. If there’s anyone saying ‘Mi Lady,’ a giant turkey leg involved, or any sort of Middle-Ages or Middle-Earth shenanigans, I just don’t care. This is where Game of Thrones went to be ignored.

Classic Rock, Jam Bands & Everything with a boring guitar solo: Ruined by every stupid stoner I ever met and all those long, masturbatory guitar solos. Still bitter about all The Rolling Stones I missed out on.

Druggie Culture: Cheech & Chong, The Grateful Dead (which occasionally gets put into the Classic Rock bucket of ignore), the writing of Bret Easton Ellis & Jay McInerney, and Breaking Bad. I’m just not into it. Ever since Regina Morrow died from taking one toot of cocaine in Sweet Valley High #40 On the Edge, I’ve just said no. I also say no to a lot of that druggie culture. It bores me. Except for, oddly, Dazed & Confused and That 70s show. I said yes to those. Repeatedly.

War: It doesn’t matter which one. Civil, WWII, Irag, Korean, ZZZZZZzzzzz. I avoid most books and movies about war because war is boring. I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot of very good, poignant stuff, but you know what? I don’t care. You can have Dr. Strangelove, I’m okay with that.

I’m sure there are many more. I just can’t think of them at the moment. I came here, originally, to write about my Buffy-addiction and about being a Jodi-come-lately, but then I wrote 400 words about some other stuff and I’ll have to write about Buffy later.

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  1. NBFB 21.Dec.12 at 12:56 pm

    Zombie apocalypse?

    1. Jodi 21.Dec.12 at 11:27 pm

      No. No Zombies ever. None.

      1. Matthew Baiocchi 22.Dec.12 at 8:35 am

        Wait…not even “Shaun of the Dead?” If you made an exception for druggie “Dazed and Confused” and “That 70s Show” you have to at least *try* “Shaun of the Dead!”

        1. Jodi 22.Dec.12 at 8:58 am

          I’ve seen “Shaun of the Dead.” I think I even liked it. It had the good fortune to come out before the rise in Zombie popularity/annoyance. Actually, it’s probably responsible for that.

    1. Jodi 21.Dec.12 at 11:26 pm

      I don’t even know what that means.


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