How do you enjoy something ironically? My love for Journey is sincere

This is a sincere and genuine question, how do you enjoy something ironically? Perhaps, because I’m an aging GenXer I will never quite understand the ironic enjoyment of “bad” things. Is the fact that I have banished guilty pleasures from my life to blame? If it provides pleasure in a world doing its best to be unpleasant, I believe there’s no reason on Earth to feel guilty.

Maybe I don’t know how to be ironic. This is a probable possibility.

You will find at the top of this post a the video for Journey’s song “Separate Ways.” You should watch it. If the keyboardist’s air keyboarding doesn’t bubble up some kind of emotion in you, you are broken. Broken! Also, the drummer at one point plays some barrels and a hubcap. Also, the sincere way Steve Perry sings “two.” I could make a list of 100 reasons to love this video. I won’t.

Instead, I will tell you that on occasion I enjoy listening to Journey. Well, most Journey. Between “The Sopranos” and “Glee” I’m pretty full-up of “Don’t Stop Believing.” But any other Journey song, I will turn that shit up. My personal favorite is “Open Arms” because of its use in the movie “Last American Virgin,” which I watched about 187 times the summer I was thirteen. My parents were not the of the monitoring TV habits ilk. You should also know that I have a journal from 1986 with the lyrics to Faithfully scrawled on the inside cover. I thought that was the most romantic song in the history of the world. Well, that and Debbie Gibson’s “Lost in Your Eyes.”

I was going to tweet about the fact that I had rejected all of my music collection as sucky today, except for Journey’s “Separate Ways.” I didn’t, because I was sure someone would ask if I was being ironic. And like this posts suggestion, I don’t even know what that fucking means. Instead, I asked the boneheaded question “what song is Journey singing in the video where they wear crazy tight pants on a dock in front of a warehouse.” I was delighted to find out it was the video for the very song I was listening to. That’s not irony either. That’s stupidity.

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  1. Doug 11.Apr.12 at 11:15 pm

    As the person who answered your tweet I’d argue that it was more being a bit lazy than stupid, but hey, as one who knew that video off the top of my head I’m not in any position to quibble.

    Now go read this. It doesn’t tell you how to appreciate things ironically but it offers a justification for the phrase “guilty pleasure.” Sort of.


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