To Kill a Mockingbird is inescapable

Saturday mornings and sometimes the afternoons and occasionally the nights are reserved for documentaries. I love documentaries. I’m not sure why of all the movies in all the land my brain can easily sit through a 2-hour documentary but screams in protest at any other moving-picture type thing that lasts longer than 45 minutes.

The worst part of being an avid documentary viewer is the need to share all the random bits of trivia you learn while watching. Okay, that need might not afflict all avid documentary viewers that might just those special avid documentary viewers who are also annoying know-it-all pedants. Not that I know anything about that.

Because I have Netflix on the ROKU, I have access to a gobs and gobs of documentaries. This is a glorious and wonderful thing and allows you to be super picky in what you watch. For instance this weekend I dismissed one documentary about New Yorks in the 50s because I don’t agree with inserting the apostrophe in fifties like this: 50’s. I also dismissed one for because the font was atrocious and the writing (I did get 15 minutes into it) was awful.

One of the movies I landed on this weekend was “Hey Boo: Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird.” I had no idea it existed. It just magically appeared there under the Top 10 for Jodi.

It was pretty decent. I say this because I learned that I didn’t know jack crap about TKaM before watching this movie. You know what else I learned? Having super rich friends willing to float you enough cash to live for an entire year while you write your book would be handy as hell. That happened to Harper Lee. Also, she rewrote the book something like five times in two or three years before anyone would pay it any attention. Also, her older sister Alice (who was 99 when she filmed for the documentary) fucking rocks the Casbah.

So Saturday I watched the documentary. Tuesday, I bumped into Living In: To Kill a Mockingbird on Design Sponge. I, of course, tweeted it because odd coincidence right? My friend Steve asked if I was in the midst of reading TKaM for the first time and I was all “Dude, I went to high school.” Which was snark for “of course I’m not reading it for the first time, I read it in high school like 99.2% of all American teenagers and in fact I’m not even reading TKaM at all right now.”

AND THEN tonight as I was strolling through Google Reader I stumbled on Secret Style Icon: Scout Finch from Rookie Mag.

It seems strange. What’s with all the TKaM love on the style blogs? And more importantly what is the universe trying to tell me throwing TKaM in my lap so many times this week?

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  1. Lesley 08.Mar.12 at 8:13 am

    That’s a whole lot of Mockingbird synchronicity.


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