No boys allowed

I’m still very angry about the VIDA Stats. So angry that I cannot bring myself to read a book written by a man. The thought of cracking into The Illumination by Kevin Brockmeier (the next selection for Rock & Roll Bookclub) even makes me a kind of mad (and it was my suggestion!).

Last week when 3/5ths of the Chicken Fingers gathered at Grumpy’s I tried to vent my frustration and anger but failed miserably. It seems I cannot talk about the VIDA Stats yet without my voice shaking with emotion. I think my argument went something like, “It’s so wrong. It makes me mad. It sucks to be a woman lately.”

“Really?” Kurtis asked. “Does it suck more now than say, 2008?”
“Yes,” I said. I might have said something else in follow-up. Something in a shaky, angry voice. But I don’t remember what it was. I mumbled something about the proposed cuts to Planned Parenthood. I didn’t mention the utterly depressing Report on the Status of American Women that was issued by the White House because I didn’t read it until I got home.

But hell yes. Yes, being a woman in 2011 is worse than being one in 2008. I can’t accurately say if things are actually better or worse now, but only that I’m more aware of the plight women face in 2011 America.

Matters are not helped at all by the fact that every time you turn on the TV or Twitter or hell, the entire Internet and I’m bombarded by the newest pop culture meme whose name I won’t even mention. I just have to say that the fact that we can be amused and entertained by a drug-addled, wife-beating millionaire entertainer says a lot about us as a society and our willingness to forgive or ignore violence against women. However, if you take part in organized dogfighting we will not ever forgive you even when you’ve served your time, paid your debt to society. What does that say about the state of women in 2011? How can you not feel worse now than in 2008?

And it might seems small, insignificant, but reading books written by women, and talking about the stories women are telling makes me feel the littlest bit better. Eventually this will pass and I’ll allow the boys in. It just might not be until April.

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