The Village Green Preservation Society can fuck itself

I did not sleep well last night and I blame The Kinks. Or maybe it’s writing group’s fault because a few weeks ago we spent a lot of time telling Young Jem about the brilliance of “The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society.” It may have been the first time in group history that a majority of members agreed on the greatness of a record (or book or tv show or, anything, really) so you can see why it stuck with me

All I know is that I tossed and I turned and every time my brain woke up it started singing, “We are the Village Green Preservation Society. God save Donald Duck, vaudeville, and variety.” Just those two lines over and over and over again. I’d toss and turn and punch the pillow, all the while with the Donald Duck and vaudeville on repeat. Finally, I’d drift off to sleep only to dream about a sort of stop-motion kind of cartoon (think old school Rankin & Bass Christmas specials) called “Village Green Preservation Society” that was all about environmental conservation and not testing cosmetics on animals.

I couldn’t tell if the lyric was keeping me up or waking me up. It was a brutal night. Finally, around 7:30 I just gave up the futile attempt at sleeping and marched down stairs to the tune of the Village Green Preservation Society playing in my head. I poured some coffee and Cheerios and settled in for breakfast with Alex P. Keaton (usually I have breakfast with Dwayne Wayne and Whitley and the rest of the Hillman students but they’re getting to the lame ones where Jaleesa has married Colonel Taylor and I hate that they turn her into a simpering, weak wifeything).

AND GUESS WHAT? It was the episode where Mallory wants to run off and elope with Nick. Once they get to the Justice O’The Peace, Nick starts having second thoughts specifically because the Chapel of Quickie Marriages doesn’t have Lola by The Kinks.


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  1. Kevin Fenton 04.Jan.11 at 11:58 pm

    The folk singer Kate Rusby does a really nice cover for the theme to the English show Clatterford. And that line is especially cool. She pronounces Donald Duck in a very special way.


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