love in the toilet paper aisle

i had to go to target this afternoon to get my dad’s father’s day gift. yes, no time like the present i always say. so i peeled into target at 1:00, a mere hour before i had to be at sister #2’s house (a mere 45 mintues away). since i am at target and don’t want to waste the trip. i pick up some super swank black sunglasses with purple lenses, cat food and toilet paper. as i turn into the toilet paper aisle, i am faced with twin towers of power.

there, in the middle of the toilet paper aisle of the shakopee target are two men, about 6’4″- 6’5″ and drop dead gorgeous. they were arguing about cleaning supplies. i didn’t really pick up what they had been saying because they both stopped talking when they saw me turn the corner. it was funny. we all eyed each other. i said hi and continued down the aisle. “damn, did you see her?” is all i heard. i cursed my luck for not running into them in the powertool aisle where i could have played the powertool-clueless girl card.


yes, my life has become so pathetic that i must talk about almost talking to two hot guys.

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  1. Tyson 17.Jun.01 at 10:13 pm

    heh, mine is so pathetic that I enjoyed reading about your almost talking to two hot guys. don’t try to make out like your life is more boring than mine. which one of us got to go to a bbq and watch a parade today? that’s right. not me. sounds like such a nice slice of americana.

  2. jodi 17.Jun.01 at 10:29 pm

    sounds like a nice slice of patheticana to me!

  3. Skattie 17.Jun.01 at 11:07 pm

    Yeah. What Tyson said.

    I just spent most of the day working at my laptop and acting like a dork in front of my crush object (talking about school stuff).

    So your day sounds positively eventful.

  4. scooterboy 18.Jun.01 at 4:10 pm

    “patheticana” i like that. can i steal it? ill give you exclusive rights and royalties…


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