The validity of eye witness accounts

Yesterday I rode to Rock & Roll Bookclub with Jaycie, Ben, and Max. I’m not sure how we got on the topic but Max was waxing eloquently on the awesomeness of MonsterQuest and how I should spend my time watching it.

“Eh,” I said from the front seat, “It’s not my thing.”
“But they talk about Sasquatch,” he said, cradling the Quatchi stuffed Sasquatch I had just given him
“Do they talk about Mishegenabeg?” I asked
“It’s a monster in Lake Michigan. Well, I think it is. I read a story about it but the author could have just made up the monster. She’s a good writer.”
“Well, they found a monster in Lake Champlain and they talk about vampires.”
“There’s no such thing as vampires,” I said.
“What?” Jaycie piped in. “You said you were part vampire, and I was too.”
“Besides Aunt Jodi,” Max said. “What do you think the eye witnesses saw?”

I had no argument for what the eye witnesses might have seen.

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