On the awesomeness of superheroes

“I think they take a bath with their suits on, right Aunt Jodi?” Liam is playing Lego Batman on the Wii. He keeps up a running dialog that I mostly ignore until I hear my name.
“Right,” I said. I was half listening at all.
“Does it take their suits a long time to dry? Huh, Aunt Jodi? Does it?”
“What? When they take a bath with their suits on does it take a long time to dry?”
“They take baths without their suits,” I said.
“How do you know?” During the whole conversation he doesn’t turn his face away from the screen.
“Because you can’t clean with a suit on.”
He’s silent for a minute (which is unusual). “Actually, you don’t know all the things about superheroes so you’re wrong.”
“I know a lot,” I said.
“Well, you didn’t know why they were awesome”
“Why are they awesome again?” I know why Liam thinks superheroes are awesome, we discuss it every week, but I just like to hear him say it because it tells you a lot about the way four-year-olds think.
He sighs, preparing to lecture me again. “They’re awesome because they aren’t afraid of anything. Not bad guys, not werewolves, not even the dark. And they take baths in their suits.”

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  1. Doug 23.Jan.10 at 12:58 am

    They have to bathe with the suits on, because if they took off their suits then they wouldn’t still be superheroes.

    For someone who reads so much I’m surprised you didn’t already know that.


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