The politics of Tom & Jerry

Liam is hopping across the living room, laughing his head off. “The mouse is chasing the dog.”
“I see that.”
“The dog always beats up the cat,” he says, hopping in the other direction. “The cat beats up the mouse. What’s the dog’s name?”
“Spike,” I say.
“How do you know? Are you sure?”
“Yes, I used to watch this when I was a kid.”
“Everyone is doing battle,” he says. “Oh, Tom just swallowed a key and the mouse can’t unlock the door.”
“Well, I like Tom and Jerry,” Liam stops a foot in front of the TV and pulls his arms into his shirt. “The mouse always wins and the cat always losses.”
“That doesn’t seem very nice,” I say.
“Life isn’t always fair,” he says.

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  1. Unplanned Cooking 09.Jan.10 at 2:41 pm

    I always laugh when I hear my words come out of my son’s mouth. They try so hard to grow up.


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