Herein lies a lot of talk about barf

Here is what I discovered about Little Boys today. Unlike most human beings who run in the other direction when someone starts to barf, Little Boys run toward the barfer and watch the regurgitation with rapt attention. Only once the barfing has ended they start to talk about how much it stinks and how gross it is.

I don’t know what is more disgusting the barf or the watching of the barf.


Here is the other thing about Little Boys. They want so much just to play and have fun that moments after barfing they decide they are okay, down a juice box, and start rocking out to “Gary’s Got a Boner” (Nolan, the only unsick Tibble is obsessed with CDs. Specifically, the ‘Mats’ “Sorry Ma,” “Stink,” and “Let it Be.” He has decided they look like the most like rock & roll, and begs to listen to them, as long as he controls the stereo remote. Then you listen to the first 40 seconds of each song because he can’t, “decide what to listen to, they’re all so exciting.”). Of course, they are barfing again within the hour. They don’t quite understand the logic of sickness.

I spent most of the day arguing with Liam about macaroni and cheese and how I wouldn’t make him any. Poor Cade, he just sat on the couch and whimpered.

It was a rough, rough day. Though I did make time to argue with Nolan about guitars (which he pronounces keytar). He has decided that acoustic guitars are dumb and that he should start right out playing electric guitar, preferably one that is black with flames on it.

He refused to believe that acoustic guitars were any kind of good, even when I told him that Johnny Cash played and acoustic guitar.

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