The SciFi crybabies are at it again

I caught this piece about International Science Fiction Reshelving Day (November 18th) over on the Magers & Quinn blog yesterday and it made me laugh. Being a bookstore, their concern regarding ISFRD is legitimate. Being a bitch, mine is haughty.

The mere fact that the SciFi nerds have a day where they can “reclaim” books that belong in their genre totally proves Crackpot Theory #29 whereby I call SciFi nerds a defensive bunch of crybabies. Well, I don’t call them crybabies specifically in that post but I was thinking it.

My friend Wolfdogg and I just had this argument about the book Everything Matters! by Ron Currie, Jr.

“This is a straight up SciFi book,” Wolfdogg said. “But you won’t find it in the SciFi section at Borders. There are writers who’ve done this type of story better stuck in the SciFi section, where mainstream and hip readers won’t tread.”
“But you assume that’s the conceit of readers and the mainstream and not SciFi writers/readers themselves,” I said. “Whenever I meet a SciFi geek and say I like Vonnegut they tell me it’s not SciFi.”
“Well, it is,” he said. “About the best of it as well.”
“SciFi geeks get all touchy when you say certain things are SciFi when they don’t want them to be SciFi,” I said. “And a really good, well-written book transcends genre.”

We continued arguing forever and I said the words “conventions of the genre” about 68 times. Ultimately, I forced Wolfdogg to admit that he totally gets all touchy and defensive for loving SciFi, thus proving my theory and then proceeded to make fun of him for getting all snooty about how Speculative Fiction is the term for the stuff he really likes.

So here’s my advice: SciFi nerds stop being such crybabies. It’s your whining and defensiveness and cockamamie schemes that make the genre you love seem less than. Truly loving something regardless of how it’s viewed by the population is cool. It’s the ultimate in cool. Love what you love and stop making excuses. Except, if you love VH1 reality shows, that probably deserves some defense.

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