Love you in the fall

Have I mentioned lately that I’m in love with my Loft class this fall? Love. I can’t even remember the last time I had a class that I enjoyed this much. It might have been the class with The Grad and the Hottie, and I can’t even remember when that was. It was a long time ago. The Grad might even be like a post-Grad by now or a Ph.D. student or The Dad. Who knows?

I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that makes this class so fucking awesome, because I want every class I take at the Loft to be this class.

Part of the magical chemistry is the sassiness. This class is not afraid to speak its mind, and even when they’re wrong (as in when they don’t agree with me) they don’t mind proclaiming their wrongness, sticking to that wrongness, and defending it to a degree where I start to think maybe they weren’t so wrong in the first place.

Take last night, for instance. We were workshopping a piece that kind of blew convention out of the water. None of the characters had names and the POV was a little slippy and slidey. There was a lot of debate about what exactly was going on, especially at the end of the story where it could be read that the female character who had some terminal illness was going to off herself or she was steeling her resolve to fight the disease.

There were two camps. Team Life (my team) who were wholly convinced she was going to fight the disease, and Team Death (Steve’s team) who were convinced she was going to kill herself because she was done fighting.

At one point Steve mentioned a cryptic phone call that had happened earlier in the story. He said he interpreted it as the female character calling some sort of assisted suicide hotline.

I’m sure the lightbulb that went on over my head was blinding. I love when that happens. When someone opens your eyes to something you’d never seen before.

This has happened a few times in this class, because my classmates are so smart. At least most of them are. There’s a few people that I’d like to punch in the throat, and each time I walk out of the classroom having not beaten or maimed anyone I give myself a mental high five for showing such restraint.

But I think you need that too, to make a class good. Creativity thrives on tension and when you all have the same point of view and see things the same way, conversation kind of dies.

It is so so so awesome. I wish everyone could watch from a window to see how fun and vibrant and loud a workshop can be. It’s so great to be able to spend two hours a week talking about and arguing about literature with smart people.

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