For Peabo: The best of Vodo, Summer 2011

“They take a story and turn it into like Algebra, which is why nobody wants to read,” Vodo on English teachers.

“You know if you’re boring or not,” Vodo.

“The word panties was in there and I was like man, I’m so there,” The Sexist.

“Truth without time is the work of holy men,” Vodo.

“It’s not going to help us with the debt ceiling but it might help us make a little sense out of our lives,” Vodo on fiction.

“We were born dying. Yeah, that’s heavy. I’m busting it out here,” Vodo.

“What I say is right in this class,” Vodo.

“A lot of beginning writers almost always take too long to get going and end too soon in this formless word vomit into the abyss,” Vodo.

“How come you didn’t ask us to read Tim O’Brien?” The Sexist.
“Honestly? He owes me money,” Vodo.

“We’re just going deeper and deeper into the well, down into the page,” Vodo.

“That’s where perverts end up. They’re just lonely ghosts,” Vodo.

“Why do her nipples get painfully hard?” The Sexist.
“Because that’s what actually happens to wet, cold nipples,” Me.
“Really?” The Sexist.
“Yes,” Me.
“Dude, Google it,” Vodo.

“We’re actually workshopping a story that hasn’t even been written yet,” Vodo.

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