You can learn a lot from a quack

Have I told you about my brother-in-law Ben getting his masters degree in holistic healing arts or, as Sister #2 and I like to call it, quackery? (Once I mistakenly called it Voodoo and then had to sit through a 18-minute lecture about how Voodoo is a real and valid religion and I shouldn’t be so insensitive as to make fun of it.)

Well, he is, and it has turned him from just a theologian into this new agey sort of mystic spiritualist guy who really enjoys football. He always enjoyed football. It’s just one of those weird tidbits that doesn’t seem to match the rest of his vocation.

I’m really enjoying his studies or at least what he discusses about his studies. It appeals to the supersecret, teeny-tiny inner-hippie I keep buried deep down underneath all my many layers of jaded cynicism and bittersweetheartness. I blame the hippiness on my mom and that one year in the 90s where I wore a lot of tie-dye.

Hippies in general kind of give me the oogies. I’m not a free love, love me, say hell yes, mother Earth, and all tht jazz kid of gal. In fact, I rather enjoy picking on dirty hippies.

But wait, this isn’t about the contradictions inherent in my personality. No, this is about how Ben has been teaching us to pay attention to the what’s going on around us and to let go of the bullshit. For the record, I am way better at this so far than Sister #2, and I can say that because she doesn’t read I Will Dare unless I tell her she can. Well, and she spends a lot of time working on a domestic violence research project which makes it hard to let go of anything. So I guess she gets a pass.

Anyway, because of this new knowledge, instead of writing a thinly-veiled, passive-aggressive cryptoblog bitching about how just because I don’t have kids or husband or go to an office from 9-5 it doesn’t mean that I’m sitting around with my bonbons thinking about the bullshit going on in other people’s lives and judging them harshly because of it.

No, instead I am writing a lovely post about how I’m learning to let the bullshit go and celebrate the positive. I’m celebrating a day filled with just enough work to make me feel like a productive member of society, a day with homemade soup and crusty breadsticks, a day with my favorite rerun of The Office ever, and a night that will be filled with a good book and maybe some homework.

That’s what we call enlightenment, yo.

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  1. Barrett Chase 28.Oct.09 at 5:39 am

    Funny you should jokingly say that your brother-in-law practices Voodoo, because my sister-in-law is from Haiti and actually does practice Voodoo. Small world.


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