Best first night of class ever

Every time I take a Loft class that isn’t taught by Dale or Vodo I worry. I like Dale and Vodo. I know what to expect from their classes. Even if the class is full of big, dull duds, I can count on Dale and Vodo to be funny and make the two hours worth my time.

But this summer neither Dale or Vodo are teaching, so I had to take my chances. I hemmed and hawed for a long time debating between an Intermediate Fiction Workshop on Monday nights and a Short Short Fiction class on Tuesday nights. Since I was unable to make up my mind, I let Snickers make the decision.

Snickers is a MN Reads reviewer and a friend of Christa’s. He had mentioned in an e-mail that he was taking the Short Short Fiction class. What followed was an impressive campaign that included a lot of words in all caps and the words ‘come on.’

Meeting him for the first time did nothing for my first class anxiety. Meeting new people makes my stomach hurt.

Of course all of the anxiety was for naught. Snickers was perfectly delightful, the class was full of talkers, and the teacher seems pretty awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I’m all Vodo what? Dale who?

He made us all fill out an index card about ourselves. And since I’m a sharer, I will share with you what I wrote on mine.

Name: Jodi Chromey
Reason for taking this class: Because I don’t get short short fiction and because Snickers conned me into it.
Influences: coffee, books, the Internet, Lorrie Moore, bowling alleys, Mary Gaitskill, small towns, gin, my sisters, blogs, John Irving, peanut butter, the color orange, Amy Bloom & Aimee Bender, reruns of Dawson’s Creek, pens with blue ink, and the serial comma.
Writing advice that stuck with me: Show don’t tell.
Under-rated food: Brownies.

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  • Lori

    16.Jun.10 at 10:54 pm

    You are so adorable. I would hug you if A) I weren’t opposed to the concept and B) you didn’t live so far away. Mostly A.

  • Jodi

    17.Jun.10 at 11:48 am

    It was the best first class ever. There were no awkward silences. We moved from topic to topic at a pretty quick pace. We read out loud, we talked about words and stories. Even the introductions were lively.

    There was no 90 minute discussion of White Angel by Michael Cunningham, no listening to some random classmate act as though they were the only genius who discovered the movie In the Bedroom is based on Killings by Andre Dubus.

    It was glorious!

    Of course, it’s been so long since you two have taken a class, I am sure all your first night of class memories are misted by nostalgia and rose colored glasses.

    First nights of class suck, and you know it!


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