it’s in the genes

“goatie, goatie!!” max screamed when i walked into my parents’ house. he threw his arms around my legs hugging me.

the tears dripped from my chin onto his face. i couldn’t hold it together anymore. i was home with my family. i walked into the back livingroom sobbing. so sad, so thankful, the events of the day finally taking their toll.

“what’s the matter?” sister #3 asked.

i just shook my head.

“are you ok?” sister #2 asked starting to cry.

i nodded that i was fine. without a word, i had made my sisters cry. we just sat there for a bit crying. being an emotional sap runs in our family. we pulled it together when jaycie and max started getting worried.

24 hours ago my biggest concern was my lack of computer. today it is so trivial and insignificant. silly, really. here at my parents, seeing my sisters, hugging my niece and nephew. i realize i have all that i need right here. i am so damn lucky.

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