Scenes from the park

Buried Feet


Max on top of the jungle gym starts shouts down to Nolan calling him the Boogeyman.
Nolan climbs the swirly slide, gets to the top, shoves his finger in his nose and wipes it on Max’s shirt.
I call no foul because it’s funny.


Max: I’m bored.
Me: I’m not.
Max: What are you doing?
Me (singing to the tune of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”): Just letting the sun shine down on me.
Max: Do you have to sing everything?
Me (singing operatic-like): Yeeeesssss


Liam runs up, dirty feet and sweaty brow, and stops in front of my knees. “This is a perfect day.” Then he runs off.


I point to the sky as a huge, golden bird swoops low. The bird’s wingspan impresses even me.
“That was a golden falcon.” Max puts his hand to his chest as though he has just escaped with his life. “Those are birds of prey it could have eaten us.”

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  1. Tim 13.Jul.08 at 12:25 am

    You should write a book with just this type of subject matter… very entertaining!


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