“Can you guys be really quiet while I make a very important phone call?” I asked the Tibbles.
“Why you gotta call?” Cade asked.
“It’s about a job.”
“Why do you need a job?”
“So I can make some money.”
“But what about being our aunt?” he asked.
“I’ll still be your aunt.”
“That’s your job, being our aunt.”
“It doesn’t pay that well,” I said.
“But I drew you a picture that said you rock and has flowers.”
“That’s better than money,” I said. “But I should probably get a job.”

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  1. Kevin Lawver 09.Jul.08 at 11:33 pm

    This may be the cutest story ever. I wish the world ran on pictures that say you rock and have flowers…

  2. Jodi 09.Jul.08 at 11:40 pm

    The problem with the world is that it doesn’t run like that.


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