Keyed up

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately which prevents me from writing. Writing requires brain capacity and mine is being all used up thinking about things and stuff. I’ve managed to score a second interview for a potential gig. This astounds me to no end. It’s been a very long long time since I’ve had to float the resume about and do things like talk about myself. It’s weird.

Also, it is forcing me to decide exactly what it is that I want to do to cobble together a living. I’m calling it Plan B since Plan A, to marry a sugar daddy in August, has totally fallen through.

I’m excited about life at the moment. It’s one of those weeks where I am so full up with my own potential that I am about to burst.

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  1. shokkou 11.Jul.08 at 12:43 pm

    “mine is being all used up thinking about things and stuff” Sounds like you need more RAM. heh heh heh.


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