Word nerd turns on the radio

I was tooling around town in Ruby this evening with the windows down, the sweet smell of lilacs in the air, and Rod Stewart on the radio. It was perfect.

As is the general rule in Ruby I was singing along as loud as I could. I am an unapologetic car-singer and I figure if someone doesn’t like it, well they don’t need to ride in Ruby.

So there I was headed home singing, “Come on angel my heart’s on fire, don’t deny you’re mans’ desire. . .” and then I stopped dead in the middle of my solo. “Hrm,” I thought. “I wonder how that lyric is punctuated, because that really would change the meaning of the line.”

Think about it, “Don’t deny your man’s desire,” is a little bit of a scuzzy pressure play.

Don’t deny you’re mans’ desire,” is like telling her she’s just so beautiful that all of man desires her and boy is he lucky he gets to have sex with here in as soon as this song is over.

I’ve decided it’s the second one, or at least that’s what I think when I’m singing it.

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