Living the dream

“So you lost your job?” Vodo asked.
“I thought you were a freelancer.”
“No, I have a real job.”
“How do you think I made my money?”
“I just thought you mooched off people.”
“No way, I’m nine to five and all that.” I paused. “Okay, 9:30 to 4, but still.”
He narrowed his eyes and half-grinned. “Did you get fired?”
“Nah, I got laid off. They’re closing our office.”
“Wow,” he said, nodding. “That really sucks.”
“So are you looking for a job?” He asked.
I sipped from my beer. “Err, not really. I spend all the time I should be looking for a job reading books.”
“Someone should pay you to read books,” he said without a hint of laugh in his voice.
“Someone should.”
“SOMEONE DOES,” Peabo shouted, busting into the conversation. “She’s not unemployed yet.”
“Oh yeah.” I smiled at her over my beer.
“Man,” Vodo said. “You’re living the dream.”

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