Last night’s Grumpy’s debate, or how a nickname is born

If I had a nickname (aside from jodichromeysupergenius), it would probably be The Nicknamer. Apparently I am getting quite a reputation as she who blesses people with nicknames. Last week I had someone I met for the first time demand a nickname.

Some of my writing ‘mates are begging for nicknames, and I feel guilty because I got nothing. S

Nicknaming is an art wholly dependent on inspiration. Sometimes nicknames come swiftly and are perfect at first blush. Others take time and develop as you get to know the person.

Last night a nickname was born. It was beautiful and glorious

As we drank at Grumpy’s after class, the artist formerly known as ‘As yet unicknamed Brad’ (TAFKAAYUB) and Kelly were trying to rally the troops for some karaoke. I poo-pooed the idea because I was under the misguided notion that karaoke was saved only to celebrate the last night of class.

Kelly revealed that I was on crack and that when she took a Vodo class without me, they sang every Thursday. This just proves the point that he loves her and hates me.

TAFKAAYUB is trying to get the gang to sign up to sing “Love Shack.” I am, as most any sane person is, anti-Love Shack. Really, enough already. Does anyone, anywhere ever need to hear “Love Shack” again? Really, do you? You can think about it.

TAFKAAYUB is quite vehement in his pro-Love Shack karaoke love. He argues that it takes on a mythical quality when sung karaoke-style with a bunch of drunken writing dorks. I remain staunch in my anti-Love Shack stance. I am not even swayed when The Hottie takes up TAFKAAYUB’s Love Shack plight. At some point he even says, “Who are you to decide what song should never be played again.”

Nice try Hottie. But, well, I’m the opinionated blow-hard, loudmouth who gets to spout off about what songs should never be heard again.

At this point I brought up the First Amendment and Kelly promptly took cover under the table.

Finally, I turned to TAFKAAYUB, and said. “You are officially Love Shack.”
“What?” He said, shaking his head at me.
“That’s your new nickname. You’re Love Shack. You were almost Blugold Brad (because both he and I attened UWEC – Go Blugolds!).”
“I don’t even know what a Blugold is,” he said.
“Nobody does,” I said. “But it doesn’t matter, because now you’re Love Shack. I’m calling you Love Shack in class and everything.”

And like that, a wonderful nickname was born.

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  1. Charles 17.Nov.06 at 8:38 pm

    Well done, Jodi.

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