The mail cart

A week or so ago, we were in Lunch Club talking about all the crap in the office that H, the office manager, will have to get rid of now that the office is closing. We were making jokes about how as a parting gift each person will get a stapler, a box of paper clips, and a tape dispenser on their last day of employment. We’ve had a surplus of these types of office supplies since the layoffs of 05. Which has always cracked me up, because before the layoffs our entire creative services department shared a stapler because we could never find more.

Anyway, as we were talking I mentioned how I had always had a thing for the mail cart. It’s a cart with two bins, one that holds file folders and one that holds other junk. Later that afternoon, H wheeled the mail cart over to my cell. In it were a box of blue highlighters, some paper clips, and a stapler. Of course.

I was going to take the mail cart home that day, but decided that it would be a great comic prop for the last few weeks. I managed to shove the thing in the corner of my cell and there it sits happily, to the dismay of many of my coworkers. None of them can understand why I want the mail cart or what I will do with it. They don’t understand.

Yesterday, Al, the cutest girl or earth™, returned to the office from maternity leave. It was a most joyous occasion. I had missed her entirely more than I care to admit. I am glad she’s back for the last five weeks. We’ve worked together for over eight years. It’s been hard going through this without her.

We spent a lot of time yesterday gathered around the table that sits between me and Maria’s cell catching up. As we were talking I noticed Al giving my mail cart the elevator eye.

“It’s the mail cart.” I waved my hand above the cart like I was a Barker Beauty on the Price is Right and it was a new car.
“I know,” she said. “How’d you get it?”
“H gave it to me. Are you jealous?”
“Yeah, that’s awesome.”
“There’s another one, I bet H will let you have it.”

At that point the rest of my coworkers died laughing. Al was puzzled and I was smug.

“Are you kidding?” Maria asked.
“No,” Al said. “I could use it for all my photo stuff.”
“See?” I screeched. “Everyone wants a mail cart.”

We then went on to explain how for the past week and a half everyone has been making fun of me and the mail cart, because really who wants a mail cart?

Al totally understood. We then went on to spend a lot of time talking about how we could use our mail carts instead of shopping carts when we become unemployed bag ladies. I told her I was going to pimp my mail cart with a horn, rearview mirrors, and a wicker basket. We laughed so hard we nearly cried.

Yes, we missed each other that much. I will spare you how we spent all of Lunch Club jinxing each other by saying the same words at the same time.

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