State of the State of the Union

Today was so busy that I almost forgot to watch the State of the Union. Thankfully, Sister #2 reminded me that it was on. In case you too were busy here’s what you missed.

  • Ted Kennedy napped through the entire thing, sitting next to his BFF Barack
  • Bush and Cheney showed their support of photography and the arts by wearing Flickresque-colored ties
  • The ‘stache is coming back. I counted fourteen different mustaches rocking the capitol
  • Much to my dismay, Hills and Obama did not challenge Bush to a game of Duck, Duck, Lame Duck
  • Some doof woo-ed inappropriately and some overzealous half-brain yelled out “you rock”
  • Apparently there are “evil men who despise freedom and despise America,” so we’re gonna declare war on Lex Luthor and The Joker
  • And, finally, he said we could all fuck ourselves if we think he’s gonna fund healthcare and education or anything like that, but he’s totally going to increase funding for the war because Lex Luthor must be stopped.
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  1. Edge 29.Jan.08 at 12:15 am

    I hate to admit this, but I watched only about 10 minutes of it. My son and I were having a nice evening together, and I couldn’t find a way to explain to him that watching the President was something important. I told him that since the President is a lame duck and has no real influence, we could go ahead and watch something better… Johnny Bravo.

  2. Wolfdogg 29.Jan.08 at 4:56 am

    Disappointing State Of The Union.

    Too much focus on Lex Luthor and not enough about our plans for Brainiac.

    The good people of the bottled city of Kandor want some of that pricey ‘freedom’ too.

  3. Peabo 29.Jan.08 at 7:40 am

    Top notch summary, friend. With the likes of Lex Luthor on the loose (alliterate me, baby!), should healthcare and education really a priority? I think not. Let’s re-elect him to a third term–obviously he wants to make sure that Americans exist safely…at least on friendly soil…even if they’re stupid…and infected…and without all those pesky border jumpers that are taking all of our white collar jobs.

  4. Thomas 29.Jan.08 at 10:09 am

    Good sentiment, poor execution and an unwillingness to stop no matter of ill conceived the effort is. Sounds like every President elected with a few notable exceptions. Republicans aren’t bad, only the extreme Facist ones. Democrats aren’t bad, just the extreme Socialist ones. Unfortunately, the extremes are the ones with the loudest voices while the moderates keep quiet, roll their eyes and mutter, “whatever”.

    I’m voting for my cat this year. He’s on the “Sleep, Eat and Find a Sunbeam to Lay In” platform: Finally something I can support.


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