Madison & Pinguino: An Interspecies Love Story

Humid Blue Penguin of Love

Madison is in love. Because he is a cat named after the best dead president, I thought his loves would always be of a more intellectual nature. Like that time he fell in love with Kissing in Manhattan.

But now that I’ve seen Madison with Pinguino, I know that the Kissing in Manhattan incident was nothing but a fling. Madison’s feelings for the humid blue penguin of love is the real deal.


Pinguino is a humidifier I bought a few years ago. I used him incessantly that year because I had picked up some kind of maple leaf plague while in Canada and couldn’t shake it. Once the winter passed, Pinguino was banished to the closet never to be seen until the great Christmas Clean-up of 2007.

I unearthed Pinguino, dusted him off, filled him with water, and placed him on a table next to my bed. Ever since, Madison spends most of his sleep time on the table next to Pinguino. In fact, he spends a lot of his time on the table next to Pinguino.

In the last week or so Madison has gotten protective of Pinguino. Whenever I approach my bedroom, Madison streaks in from wherever he is in Supergenius HQ to watch what I’m doing. When it’s time to fill Pinguino with water, he watches my every move. Meowing when I take off the penguin’s head to get at the handle. Then he follows me into the bathroom and perches on the ledge of the bathtub watching me fill his lover with water.

Then it’s back to the bedroom where I put Pinguino back together again under his ever-watchful eye. Once the big, blue penguin of love is in one piece, Madison jumps back on the table and watches the air bubbles float up to the top. I think he thinks Pinguino is talking to him. I have no idea what he could be saying.

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