when cade gets whiny and crabby and sister #3 calls him out on it, he often whines, “happy, i’m happy.”
“no you’re not,” she’ll say.
“happy. happy,” he’ll whine. which is usually a sign that he needs a nap.

on thursday, i had a conversation with a friend, where i got to say, “happy, i’m happy,” and i didn’t even need a nap. though i took one afterwards, just to be sure.

“i’ve been meaning to compliment you,” he said.
“i’m glad you are still keeping up with your writing group.”
“thank you,” i said.
“i think people need those types of social environments.”
“i totally do. because i have super anti-social tendencies.”
“and while i know the main purpose is to be surrounded by writers, it also opens the door to additional friends. it’s just really good. and i’m really proud of you. i hope you are really happy.”
“i’m happier than i’ve been in a long time,” i said.

happy, me. see?

i guess i’ve just been so busy lately that i haven’t even noticed this new-found happiness. it’s such a delightful change of pace. i’ll have to remember this in the middle of february when i’m lonely, cold and crabby.

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