Scenes from a Notebook #3


As many people know, I love my Upper Class (formerly Keepin’ Tabs) notebook/calendar more than I love most people. I use it to write down more than just my work crap, I write down books to read, things to write about, things people say/wore/looked like in my writing classes, and just random events that seem important at the time. Tomorrow I will start a new calendar, so now is the time for a year in review (yes, I use a student planner, blow me).

August 2006
08: Saw Joey at work
09: Uncle John in the hospital, fluid?
10: Tracy stays the night
18: Work from Home!
22: You can’t start a fire without a spark, add Dancing in the Dark to Writing List

September 2006
11: To me an iPod is the electronic manifestation of my penis envy
12: Ericka’s for dinner, sexy back to Hips List, Times a Wastin’, Shattered
13: Rip In Reverse, internet hate, Al & Seamus catch rules, Wild & Lethal & New PW soundtrack, unsatisfying practice
15: 19th nervous breakdown, how much distance?
16: The 3 a.m. Epiphany by Brian something that starts with a K
17: Chords in his neck, I could pluck them like a heart
18: Haughty pussyfoot
19: It’s an all you can eat buffet of bitterness
20: Namaste, C’mon get Happy, Objective correlative
21: Google Mary Gaitskill reading in October, Hegel & Kirkegaard = what is it like like to make love to a hunchback, Blue suit, gold buttons, blue socks, brown birkenstockesque sandals
25: Irrational hate, hearing party crashing us on the radio, Mary Gaitskill, Nolie, Cade and Gum, Jennifer Gov’t, Collecting music, Chuck Klosterman/Tweedy Quote – voice of our generation
27: Get NoDoz of Hukes, I *heart* The Grad
28: Seamus history of punk, paradise city message, What nothing to fear but art itself, Vonnegut on blackboard

October 2006
02: Would you quit it with the footsie
03: The Red Coat, Oh Jodi, you made me pick on a dead guy
09: And we danced, The hooters, Irrational hate
10: I don’t want to boil the ocean, Wrath
24: I rocked Bel Biv Devoe in high school, see why I’m so screwed up?

November 2006
02: Marvin Gay/High Fidelity/The Grad, Ruby Slippers
09: Dead on Page 12 drops — I told you so, Legwarmers is wearing an ‘I voted’ sticker, it’s Thursday!, WMG starts reading newspaper at the end of class while still discussing story
14: Heathens to UH
16: Buzzkill Jones, silver-threaded cowlneck sweater, patent leather wide belt over sweater, side pony, trucker’s cap
30: Anime t-shirt, long sleeve shirt (green), rolled up jeans, green chuck hi-tops; “She is capitalistically validated, ” Vonnegut

December 2006
03: Velvet Underground & Nico
04: Cleaning House to Hips list
05: California to Max, Veronica (paul and elvis) to Grad, Hottie about WG; Connection lecture Mike Doughty + Lionel Essrog
07: animal print shirt, ruby slippers, black leggings, hot todday;; “I want to know what the meaning of the hill is, they say pail of water, but you know,” Vonnegut
11: “I was like mantracted to him,” Seamus
14: Dorthy Parker and jr. high; Doppleganger, exes at work
23: Dunn Bros, 8 p.m. Grad’s show

January 2007
02: Chole’s just like me only beautiful
17: These are your parts, you should know!
24: Send Gravy Of Montreal
29: Lost Horizons x2; Delicious crunchy underbottoms
30: Oh the bitterness, it is tasty
31: Charlie the Unicorn, this magical bridge of hope and wonder

Yeah, this is way more work than I thought it was. But the next portion is even better because it’s filled with hilarious Vodo quotes.

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  1. UH 29.Jul.07 at 9:31 pm


    14: Heathens to UH

    Interesting. Nov. 13 is my oldest son’s birfday.

    Any idea what your note actually means?

  2. Jodi 29.Jul.07 at 9:35 pm

    It’s a song by the Drive-by Truckers that I was going to send you but never did.

  3. AverageJane 01.Aug.07 at 4:09 pm

    I use these too! I enjoy having a dated book to write in every day. It keeps me regular, so to speak.

    Great blog, by the way. Found you via Twitter.


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