Prelude to a Sponsored Post: The Sell Out is Coming

If you don’t blog on the reg, you probably have no idea how many people email wanting you to write about their crap on your website. Did you know, Darling Ones, that you are very valuable to commodity to a lot of companies? I think of you as friendly strangers I haven’t met yet and not as revenue or an audience or someone I should sell stuff to.

That is, until I publish a book, then I’m gonna pitch that motherfucker to you like there is no tomorrow. You’ve been warned. Also, if that sweet, sweet Nutter Butters sponsorship ever comes in, I will pitch those to you more than I usually do. Come on Nabisco, hook a girl up with some fine, fine cookies.

For the most part, I ignore the emails asking me to do stuff for companies in exchange for (often nothing but “exposure”) some crap product I’d never use or want to use or have any use for. I am snobby and have very high standards, and I believe you do too. This is why in the sixteen years of I Will Dare, I’ve never done a sponsored post.

That is until now. Or rather, it will come later, first I’m explaining why I’m doing it.

Why? Because I am a sucker for notebooks.

I know you get it. There’s a certain segment of society who gets turned on by office supplies, whose nipples harden when all the Back to School stuff hits the shelves (even if it does happen in July, which is stupid), who cannot resist a cool pen even though they have 80,184 pens. You know who you are. I am one of you.

When Phoebe from Book Block Original emailed me, I didn’t delete it right away. Her email caught my attention for two reasons: first, she referred to you Darling Ones as readers and not an audience, this means something to me. Second, she said “you don’t have to write about the notebook if you don’t want to, we’d just like your feedback.”

And come on, a free notebook? I’m only human.

And it’s not like a 45-cent Mead college-ruled spiral bound thing we’re talking about (no disrespect, I do love me a good spiral notebook). It’s a Moleskine-esque, customizable notebook with the nice binder around it and a bookmark. You can see an example at the top of the post here. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

I thought they’d just send me one of the samples they had laying around their office. Nope. I got to design my own notebook. DESIGN MY OWN NOTEBOOK. Those words gave me goosebumps, and then I froze in terror. It was almost too much freedom.


Did I go with a retro-80s with a sticker-like theme? Did I just have them print I <3 The Replacements on it? My name? My website? Should I go all Critter Sitters and put a cute animal on it? Song lyrics? Poems? A majestic, purple-maned unicorn?

This didn’t even start to address the color issue. Purple? Blue? Orange?

The indecision nearly killed me, but it didn’t stop me. Oh no. My notebook arrived today and it is beautiful. I’m gonna spend some time with it before I show it you. Try to contain your excitement.

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