Some other things about Hippiefest before I forget

The G Spot

  • There was a tent called the ‘G Spot’ selling glasswares. I was disappointed to learn that they weren’t any glass dildoes. Not that I’d have bought one. Because buying a dildo from a hippie just seems unsanitary.
  • Harmony Park’s stage was surrounded by these HUGE trees. They were gorgeous. There was also a little kid running around flying a kite. At one point he got the kite stuck in the tree and about 30 people watched with rapt attention for about 10 minutes while he tried to get the kite unstuck. Eventually he did and we all clapped for him.
  • Nate was our next-door RV neighbor. He’s in a band with is fiancée Celsetial called Mad Love (I think). He also has a six-year-old son named Miles. I know this stuff because Nate told me. Throughout the weekend I kept an eye on Nate, and proceeded to creep out the entire Wolfdogg gang with my constant reporting on his activities. “Nate’s cooking now.” “Oh he has fresh garlic.” “He’s chopping an onion.” You get the picture. Nate was very entertaining.

Decidely Unhippie-looking Guy with Books

  • One hippie was walking around the festival grounds with a turtle. A real, live turtle. He wasn’t carrying the turtle, no the turtle was loping along at his feet. Here’s what I think about that: Best Chick Magnet Ever. Better than a dog. Seriously. Dudes go get a turtle and take it for a walk. You’ll see what I’m talking about.
  • Lots of the hippies carried around books with them. I am not sure why. I didn’t ask.
  • I was disappointed about the total lack of nudity. I blamed it on the cool weather.
  • I think the word dirty gets attached to hippies because of the port-a-potties. Ew.
  • Late Saturday night while Wolfdogg, Heather, and I were drunk and eating sandwiches, a random guy walked up to Bob the RV’s door and asked if we were ‘looking’ for anything. I didn’t know that drug salesmen went door to door. After he left I spent 10 minutes laughing about it like I was stoned
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