24 Hours of Tibbles: Hour 15, The sound of silence

They’re asleep. I am very nearly asleep. We went down to the bowling alley for a little while, where they bowled their little heads off. But man, kids will kick your ass. The grownups didn’t have a chance. We were nearly outnumbered 2 to 1. Jodi Hanson’s four kids were there, the three Tibbles, and then the two Bratty Brats.

My highlights of the day so far?
When Max came upstairs to tell on Cade for saying “the other word for donkey.”
Liam calling me Mommy.
Bed time
Oh, and Jaycie telling me with great detail about her new play “Cinderella Outgrows the Glass Slipper” which, from what I can tell, involves Cinderella wanting to be a veterinarian and not a princess.

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