The Tibblesitting Season is over, welcome the Angry Hermit Season

After everyone was buckled, backpacks filled with stuffed animals for Stuffed Animal Day secured, and we could hear the radio Liam was amazed.

“Are they really playing Michael Jackson on the radio?” he asked.
“It sounds like it.”
“They are playing Michael Jackson for real on the radio?” He was incredulous. “On your radio?”
“Yes they are, I said. “It’s a good omen. That means you’re going to have a good day when your favorite musician is the first song you hear on the radio.”
“I can’t believe they’re playing Michael Jackson on the for real radio.”

The Tibbles listened quietly as I sang along to “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”

“What language is this?” Nolan asked as I sang “Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa.”
“It’s just Rock & Roll jibber jabber,” I said.
“Do you speak Rock & Roll Jibber Jabber?”
“Is it a real language,” he asked.
“As real as British Accent,” I said. Yesterday The Tibbles spent all of breakfast trying to convince me that British Accent was, in fact, a language and that they knew it very well. The spent the morning calling each other chap and sport and using the words fantastic, fabulous, and fancy. Also bloody.

We were on our way to Donut Connection to celebrate our last day of the Tibblesitting Season. It’s a long season and though I am sad not to see The Tibbs multiple times a week, I am really eager to spend the next five or six months sleeping in and wearing pajamas 98% of the time. Angry Hermit season is a lot of fun.

But back to Donut Connection, which is quite possibly my new favorite place on Earth. It’s in an old building with uncomfortable orange booths and an orange counter that looks fit for Munchkins, but the donuts are absolutely delicious.

Today when we walked in, Liam surveyed the donuts for sale. As visions of chocolate iced rings and glazers danced in his head, he let out a yelp of alarm.

“Oh no!” he said. “They are out of old fashions.”

Old fashioned are my favorite of all the donuts in all the donut lands. I will take a plain old fashioned over a cinnamon roll or a Krsipy Kreme or any sort of fruit-spooj stuffed or frosted sprinkled monstrosity. I like the simple classics, especially when they are done so well. And Darling Ones, the old fashioned at Donut Connection is done well. Very well.

And the donuts aren’t even the best thing about Donut Connection. The best thing is the gaggle of fifty to sixty something men who hang out there taking up most of the booths, drinking coffee, and talking. When we went there for the first time last week, a few of them were talking about the Supreme Court. Yes, the Supreme Court of the United States. How awesome is that? While I didn’t share their worries about it getting to lefty radical, I was still amazed that they were having a vocal, smart discussion about the SCotUS. I bet you don’t hear too many conversations like that at any sort of hipstery or socceer-mommy coffee shops.

Today they talked a lot about the upcoming Vikings vs. Packers football game while one of the regulars grabbed the coffee pot from the counter and offered everyone in the shop if they wanted to a refill.

AND as The Tibbles were in the bathroom washing their hands and faces, I listened as one of the regulars told a story about some dude who was hit by a train.

“He got hit back by C&C Hardwood and the train drug him all the way to Bill’S Toggery,” he said, motioning in the direction of Bill’s Toggery, an actual store in downtown Shakopee. “I went outside to look, and he was driving a big, old Chevy. Like an Impala, and it was U-shaped. The hood was right next to the trunk.”

This conversation was made all the more awesome not just by the guffaws of the other regulars, but by the thick Minnesota accent in which it was told. So awesome.

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