The terror of the rewrite

I have a short story due tomorrow. I, of course, haven’t even begun to re-write it, because well it doesn’t need to be done all the way until tomorrow at 7:30.

For this workshop, I’m rewriting “Hey Lady” a story that was brand new for Dale’s class in October. The name is probably gonna change maybe to “The Gargoyle Speaks” or “Untitled and built to stay that way, suck on that motherfuckers.”

But I don’t think that second title will really resonate with my critics. Fuckers.

Rewriting this story is terrifying me. I have no idea why. I guess I don’t want to screw it up anymore than it already is. I went back and read the 18 manuscripts from the last workshop. Ouch. But I did learn two things:
1. I love Kelly even more for being so nice to such a steaming pile of shit
2. I need to slow the fuck down and not forget to punctuate. Holy Hannah that was some runon nonsense.

I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but rewriting is way way harder than just writing, and writing’s fucking hard. So this is super fucking hard. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Making mistakes is a bajillion times easier than correcting your mistakes. Are you with me people?

This story blows so many goats, it’s nearly incomprehensible. I have no tension, no conflict, and a character who wants nothing. . . GAH! Tonight promises to be a good time. I sure as hell hope there’s some Nutter Butters somewhere in Supergenius HQ, because I am gonna need them.

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  1. UH 21.Feb.07 at 4:31 pm

    “I have no tension, no conflict, and a character who wants nothing.”

    Smells like an Oscar!

  2. kelly 21.Feb.07 at 4:47 pm

    You got a reprieve…albeit for the most unfortunate circumstance. Check your email.


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