Sometimes I think Kathleen Turner Overdrive is trying to speak to me

As I was sitting here mindlessly working away, KTO (my iPod for the uninitiated) served up “Permagrin” by self, “Hey Lou” by self, both of which I left me leaping for the fast forward button because I still can’t listen to them. And then she served up “Never Talking to You Again” by Husker Du. Apparently KTO is reminding me that he who introduced self into my life is never going to talk to me again. Or maybe she’s telling me that I should never talk to him again. I can’t tell. Regardless, it’s a little weird how such serendipity can make you a wee bit sad.

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  1. lou 30.Jan.07 at 12:09 pm

    Had to respond if only because my name is in your post, sort of.

    Actually the old Husker Du song is a real throwback. I haven’t listened to them in so long. But songs like that really take me back to the desperation of my college days. Listening to my ipod at work now, I’ll have to see what tracks of theirs I have on it.


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