Post-it Note Morning Songs Part VIII, the Tony Orlando & Dawn edition

03Dec06: Tired of Sex, Weezer (clearly this is my subconscious mocking my inability to actually have sex with another person)
04Dec06: Rock the Casbah, The Clash
05Dec06: I Summon You, Spoon
06Dec06: Mother’s Little Helper, The Rolling Stones
07Dec06: I Summon You, Spoon
08Dec06: Honky Tonk Woman, The Rolling Stones
09Dec06: Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, Bob Dylan
10Dec06: Love, Love, Love, The Mountain Goats
11Dec06: Heaven is for Easy Girls, The Awkward Stage
12Dec06: You’re So Damn Hot, Ok Go
13Dec06: Instant Karma, John Lennon
14Dec06: The Thanks I Get, Jeff Tweedy
15Dec06: Freeze Frame, J. geils Band
16Dec06: Wig Wam Bam, The Donnas
17Dec06: Say, Say, Say, Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson

18Dec06: You Oughta Know, Alanis Morisette
19Dec06: She Bop, Cyndi Lauper
20Dec06: Take Me with You, Prince
21Dec06: Do You Wanna Touch Me, Joan Jett
22Dec06: Girl Inform Me, The Shins
23Dec06: Lost in the Supermarket, The Clash
24Dec06: Logic of Loss, Spencer McGillicutty
25Dec06: Knock Three Times, Tony Orlando & Dawn
26Dec06: Africa, Toto
27Dec06: Two of Hearts, Stacey Q
28Dec06: Since U Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson
29Dec06: Baby Don’t Go, Spencer McGillicutty
30Dec06: True Blue, Madonna
31Dec06: Dear Abbess, Spencer McGillicutty (give me a break, I listened to The Grad’s CD for like a week straight)

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