Jack Bauer is holding me hostage

I’m roughly seven hours into my “24” siege. I have to watch all of season five before the party tomorrow. I have to prove Ross wrong. He doesn’t think I can do, so now I have to. It’s not easy. Jack’s hotness does help a little, though I am partial to dark-haired men.
Only on Day 5 Episode 7

My notness makes me laugh.

Oh Yes, those are pigtails
Scared you didn’t I? Scares me. Pigtails were not meant for 34-year-old women, but I was bored. I’m thinking of diving into a six pack of Newcastle. I am sure that will help immensely.

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  1. UH 14.Jan.07 at 1:11 pm

    Ponytails weren’t meant for –censored–year-old men either, but I couldn’t deal with my hair falling in my face all day while I was working around the house. Sometimes (usually, actually) looking like a normal person has to take a back seat to comfort.

  2. PoeticaL 14.Jan.07 at 3:55 pm

    pony tails do not discriminate!!


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