My bra is coming off

There’s a scene in “Thelma and Louise” where Geena Davis talks about how she’s gonna let loose and she says all southern-like “My hair is comin’ down.” Eventually she has sex with Brad Pitt and then drives off a cliff.

I’m doing the same thing today, without the sex and the cliff driving. I can’t wait. I’m giddy with the prospects of not having to talk to a single person, shake a single hand, laugh at a lame co-worker joke, or having to wear a bra (unless you want to come over and have sex, then I’ll get all dolled up).

After spending roughly 23 of the last 48 hours working in some fashion, I’m burned to a crisp. The meetings went well and the dinner was fun, but after so much time spent being social I start to short circuit. I need a lot of alone time to get my head in order and charge the batteries. This is one of the reasons why I make the worst girlfriend ever.

Despite my plans to veg, I have a lot of work to do. The work posse is having a giant “24” premiere party at Seamus’ house. I have a lot of catching up to do, since I’m the only 24-neophyte in the bunch. My goal it to watch all of Season 5 by Sunday night.

I got a lot of work ahead of me, and all of it can be done sans-bra.

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  1. UH 14.Jan.07 at 1:09 pm

    I love no-bra posts.


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