Serendipity keeps me sane or, How Spoon nearly killed me

I woke up this morning with the teeniest, tiniest snippet of a song floating through my brain. Over and over again my head was singing “they’ll put you in a cage, ba ba something bye bye my love.” I was worried because I didn’t immediately recognize the song, and when that happens I go on wild gooses chases all across the Google landscape.

There wasn’t much to work with, and I knew putting “put you in a cage + my love + lyrics + Beatlesy, Shinsy thing going on” was going to turn up dick.

But I am a brave and fearless obsessive compulsive and traverse the great landscape of Google I did. I have come to this conclusion: Buddy Holly wrote every song ever about saying goodbye to love.

So after 20 minutes of furious googling and compulsive swearing, I took matters into my hands and went straight to iTunes. There are only 7,349 songs in iTunes, I told myself. 20.3 days of music. I can totally listen to 30 seconds of each song before work. I’m not really good with math, but after about 30 seconds of the first two song (“I Hate the Doors” and “Hey Jack Kerouac”) I knew that it was going to take much longer than the time I had before work to listen to all 7,349 songs.

Enter Plan B.

Since the song was stuck in my head, logic would have it that I had heard the song in the somewhat recent past. I opted to not pay attention to the fact that Night Ranger’s “When You Close Your Eyes” often appears on the list and I haven’t listened to that song since sometime in the 80s.

So I sorted the iTunes library by recently played — Elton John, Elliott Smith, Elvis Costello, the Gear Daddies. The voice in my head did not belong to any of those men. With a sinking stomach I realized I might have heard it on the radio.

I went back to my first idea that maybe it was a rarely-listened to or a perhaps a brand-new Shins song. I started listening to each of the 42 Shins’ songs in my library. That wasn’t right. What my early-morning brain had mistaken for a Beatlesy, Shinsy thing was totally not a Shinsy thing at all.

With the agony of defeat staring me in the face, I start to forlornly scroll through the remaining songs in the Ss, my brain taunting me by continually singing “they’ll put you in a cage, ba ba something bye bye my love.”

Simon & Garfunkel? No. Slim Dunlap? No. The Smiths? No. Social D? Son Volt? Sondre Lerche? No NO NO. I hate my brain.

Then I saw Spoon, causing me to cock my head much like a inquisitive raccoon on an Animal Planet show. Spoon. SPOON? Now, Mary Lucia had played Spoon last night as I was driving home from work. Randomly I picked a song, “I Summon You.”

AND MOTHERFUCKING BINGO, that was the song. I collapsed on the desk and weeped tears of joy. I would not be going crazy today.

Eventually after the celebratory run around the Fortress of Solitude, I looked up the lyrics. I wasn’t even in the same zip code as close:
They’ll lock you in a cage without a goodbye
For a nickel bribe
But aww no where are you tonight
And how’d we get here
It’s too late to break it off
I need a release
The signal’s a cough
But that don’t get me off
I summon you to appear my love

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  1. Jhianna 05.Dec.06 at 12:02 pm

    I hate it when that happens! Glad you found the song before it drove you not-sane. It’s a good song, too 🙂

  2. Jodi 05.Dec.06 at 12:03 pm

    Thanks! I think I might be a little crazy without the help of Spoon. But the song does, in fact, rock.

  3. UH 05.Dec.06 at 8:27 pm

    You could have just asked.

  4. Jodi 05.Dec.06 at 8:29 pm

    And lost this hard-earned sense of self satisfaction? Are you kidding me?

  5. UH 05.Dec.06 at 9:47 pm

    Well, I wouldn’t have known the answer anyway, it would just have been nice to be asked.

  6. Jodi 05.Dec.06 at 9:51 pm

    Sorry. I’m in an ‘i hate all penised members of the species’ mood lately. Asking a man for help would just about kill me today.


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