Last night’s Grumpy’s debate: the fun for me edition

It seems that everytime the Writers gather at Grumpy’s we break into some kind of music-related debate. This is because I like to argue and make people debate me. It’s fun. Really.

Last night I made everyone play the ‘favorite’ game. This is a game whereby you have to choose a favorite song by some venerable artist whose every music note you love. It’s a lot of fun. I like to see the horror that overcomes people when I point at them and say “All time favorite Beatles song.” It’s like I’m asking them to choose a favorite parent or child or testicle.

So maybe the game’s only fun for me.

Last night I made people pick their all-time favorite Beatles Song, Rolling Stones song, Elvis Costello song, Bob Dylan song, and then I made them choose Elvis Costello or Elvis Presley. The Beatles or the Stones (and when The Hottie picked the Stones, I professed my love for him), Paul or John, and I tried to get them to do Paul McCartnet vs. Paul Westerberg, but nobody would have any of that nonsense.


  • “I’ll Follow the Sun,” (Barbie picked “Blackbird” and The Grad picked some song I’d never even heard before. At one point The Grad and The Hottie started talking actual Beatles albums and I had to restrain the urge to lick them both because of their utter cuteness)
  • “Dead Flowers” (The Hottie picked “Tumbling Dice” and The Grad picked “Get off my Cloud”)
  • “Veronica” (Writing Max [not to be confused with my nephew Max] chose “Alison” and Jags [who hates her nickname] chose the entire My Aim Is True album)
  • For purely sentimental reasons “To Make You Feel My Love” (Love Shack chose “All Along the Watchtower,” Barbie picked “Tambourine Man” and the The Grad professed his love for “Visions of Johanna” and the whole “Blonde on Blonde” album which made me immediately fall into my Barry from “High Fidelity” routine. Don’t tell anyone you don’t own “Blonde on Blonde”. It’s gonna be okay.)
  • Stones, Costello, John, Westerberg
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  1. UH 01.Dec.06 at 1:33 pm

    Fave Beatles song: In My Life
    Stones song: Waiting On A Friend
    Elvis Costello song: Every Day I Write The Book
    Dylan song: Lay Lady Lay
    Paul when I was younger, John now

  2. Jodi 01.Dec.06 at 2:06 pm

    I went through a phase last year where I proclaimed I’d sleep with anyone who would sing “Lay Lady Lay” to me.

  3. The Grad 04.Dec.06 at 10:32 am

    For the record, I picked “Stuck Inside of Mobile (With the Memphis Blues Again)” as my first favorite. “Visions of Johanna” was my other favorite.

  4. Jodi 04.Dec.06 at 10:34 am

    No, I think you picked Visions first and then changed your mind. According to the rules and bylaws, your first answer is legal and binding. Sorry, your year’s suppoly of Rice-a-Roni is in the mail.

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