Adolescence is also a marketing ploy

Robin left a comment on this picture asking when Jaycie turned into a college student. I think it happened sometime in October when Jaycie turned nine.

She has announced on every occasion since then she is a ‘tween.’ Which means, she’ll tell you, that she’s between being a kid and being a teenager. Apparently this has nothing to do with a ‘tweener’ which is the Bud Light that Opie orders every Friday between beer frames.

Whenever Jaycie waxes poetic about her tween status, I go all Elaine Miller from ‘Almost Famous’ on her.

“There’s no such thing as tween,” I tell her. “It’s all just a marketing gimmick.”
“What?” she asks, while shaking her dangly earrings at me.
“It’s a marketing gimmick,” I say. “They call you a tween so they have a better way to message products to you to make you want to buy them, or beg your parents to buy them for you.”

Usually, by the time I get the word marketing out of my mouth she has stopped listening to me and started watching the latest episode of Hannah Montana.

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