I’m doing my best to keep the wrong hands off the biscuit fortune

Dear Mike “We’re on a break” Doughty,

There’s a guy that works at Hell, Inc. who drives a giant red pick-up truck, it’s a supersize version of my beloved Ruby. Like my Ruby, his truck has a one of those 3-letter oval bumper stickers. While mine says ‘MWT’ for Man without Ties, his says ‘BNL’ for Barefucking Naked Ladies.

Every Monday through Friday, I see that damn BNL sticker and I’m reminded of your betrayal. But today, when life is about to burst open at the seams from all the stuff that needs to get done, ‘Sunken-Eyed Girl’ came on Kathleen Turner Overdrive. Since there is so much to do in so little time, I didn’t have the chance to lunge for the iPod to quick skip the song.

Instead, I found myself mindlessly listening to it. Then my shoulders started to loosen up and the knots in my neck undid themselves, there was a warmth in my belly that spread from my thighs to my toes. My newly-loosened shoulder began to shimmy almost imperceptibly, and I was feeling so good that it hurt my skin.

Oh Mike, I’ve missed you. You are weakening my resolve Mr. Doughty. However, despite this momentary weakness the break continues. Maybe once this BNL debacle has passed through my town and I’ve remained strong we can talk.

Until then,
Jodi, a more protruding-eyed rather than sunken-eyed girl

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