not writing my short story, the procrastination continues in all new and inventive ways

so i really was gonna start my short story this morning. afterall i spent all day yesterday buying new bras, grocery shopping, and redesigning i thought for sure i was out of ways to procrastinate. but i was wrong.

sister #2 to the rescue!

she and the stink had gotten some vikings’ tickets and needed a babysitter. i was more then happy to lend a hand. currently the kidlings are sitting in the diningroom eating weinie wraps and chips. we spent the earlier part of the morning at Michaels, because i promised princess jaycie i would teach her how to knit. rather i promised her we would learn how to knit together. i have no idea how to knit. but we are determined and we have grand visions of sweaters and mittens in our future.

max was smart he decided to make an “antarctic landscape featuring penguins.” no lie, that’s what he said.

when i popped open the window to start typing, jaycie asked said, “SWEET! we’re gonna be on the internet again.”

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  1. JustMe 06.Nov.05 at 4:38 pm

    crocheting is a lot easier; you may want to try that before getting into knitting

  2. Kelly 06.Nov.05 at 7:42 pm

    I am in awe of you and your procrastinating ways. I mean that.


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