Au revoir my little Canadian boyfriend

I had to break up with Good Gravy my imaginary Canuckian co-working boyfriend today. I’m ashamed to admit that it was a sudden and cruel break-up. There is little chance of reconciliation, we have reached an impasse that will be tough to surmount.

Good Gravy is a Barefuckingnaked Ladies fan. He tried to shrug it off claiming he really only loves their first album “Gordon” and well, he’s a Canuck. As if that’s some kind of excuse.

“You do realize we have to learn a Barenaked Ladies song right after the national anthem and a Gordon Lightfoot song, don’t you?” he asked.

It’s the ultimate imaginary boyfriend betrayal. And while the Supergenius usually abides, she cannot abide that.

Though he did turn me onto some great butt shaking stuff by some people called Organized Rhyme. So maybe once my heart mends we can be friends again.

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  1. Lerren 01.Nov.06 at 4:05 pm

    Hate to say it, but he’s right – We also know most words to the following:

    Nickelback (any song, really)
    Every alanis morrissette song ever written, including and ESPECIALLY the first pop one.
    any avril lavigne OR sum 41
    anne murray’s Snowbirds

    we must also be able to hum at least one cheerful leonard cohen ditty

    There’s actually a good reason. There’s a law on the books that a certain (large) percentage of radio play is canadian. Thus, no matter WHAT preventions we take, we absorb it. It’s played in our restaurants and movie theatres, blasts out from poles mounted on streetcorners (seriously) and from the ipods of the other canadians who surround us. We can’t escape. We may as well decide to like it. (that being said, search utube for “ballad of gordon” – it’s a PSA and it’s pretty cute)

  2. MJ 07.Nov.06 at 1:06 pm

    Dont forget Great Big Sea… you can always tell a Canadian (especially girls) when a GBS song somes on, they all start hopping up and down…

    Oh, and The Tragically Hip, they issue you a copy of their Greatest Hits CD at the border.

    Hope your heart is on the mend!


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