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I’ve conned pretty much everyone I know into reading Frank Portman’s King Dork. If you haven’t read it, you should. It’ll be the best book you read all year.

In the book Chi-Mo, the main character, has a ‘band’ with his best friend. I say ‘band’ because they don’t do very much playing, and mostly just change the name of their band, band members, and first album. It’s awesome. At the end of the book, there’s a whole list of all the band and album names.

About three times in the last month or so, I’ve let it slip about my band Sweet Georgia Breezes. Of course I immediately get the question “You’re in a band?” And everyone who asks get that scrunchy-lipped sneer, raised eyebrow look on their face. I’m about as band-worthy as your mama.

Then I have to explain about my imaginary band where I play guitar and how music-bloggers everywhere pick our first album “Snapping in the Back End” as their favorite album of the year.

I don’t explain the whole King Dork thing because that’s just a little too much insane nerdiness for one conversation.

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