Not only am I a pervert, I’m not a very smart one at that

It’s disturbing when you suddenly discover you’re inappropriately aroused at work. It’s even more disturbing when you discover the arousal is due to you being a big ol’ nasty pervert.

I’ve been trolling some of the stock photography sites looking for something to go along with a project I’m working on. The project requires a photo of a 20-30-something guy. So I type “hip young man” into the search engines and casually start browsing the results.

On about page two I noticed the tingling.

There were tons of pictures of men — shots cropped at their armpits and the tops of their thighs. Before my eyes were rows and rows of be-jeaned, be-boxered, and be-sixpacked men’s midsections, specifically their hips.

It took me entirely longer than I care to admit to figure out why in the hell all these hip pictures were showing up.

Duh. Apparently I’m not a very smart pervert.

But DAMN. Men’s hip area is some kind of sexxy.

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  1. Corey Geving 06.Sep.06 at 9:38 pm

    Hey, you mentioned my name on your blog. You said something about learning words from me in creative writing class in high school? OK I admit it I was googling myself and found your site. Now that sounds dirty. Of course since I’m posting this as a comment to a remarkable commentary about naked male hips, I imagine you’re probably not offended. Nice blog, Jodi.


  2. jodi 06.Sep.06 at 11:17 pm

    Hello Corey! You taught me ubiquitous and superfluous. Two words I had never heard of before you uttered them.


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