the saddest tator tots in the all the land

Sister #4 is in Boise for the next six days. to celebrate having Supergenius Headquarters all to my lonesome, i ran up in and down the stairs in my birthday suite, hung my bra from the railing, and am now listening to the NEW Replacements’ (god just typing those words makes my stomach flipflop in a most delicious manner) song “Message to the Boys” as loud as Jed will play it over and over and over and over again. i think i’m listen #8 since i downloaded the song 30 minutes ago.

Also, tonight is my first Thursday night at home since about 1988. It’s a little sad. I’m suffering from serious PCDD (post-class depression disorder). My suffering is so bad that tonight I tried to make myself some tator tots for dinner. See, we always always always ordered some tots at Grumpy’s after class. My tator tots were, well, it was just sad. I do not have the culinary mastery that Grumpy’s has when it comes to the Ore Ida.

In good new though, I think I’ve managed to cobble together a decent writing group and hopefully this will be the last of my whining about not having class anymore.

Oh, and another thing. This NEW Replacements’ song is pretty rad. It kind of makes me well up a little with emotion, I’m that giddy about it. How pathetic am i? And it’s a butt-shaker (ala Waiting for Somebody or Alex Chilton)) and not a heart-breaker (ala Nobody or Skyways). In fact, as I start listen #11 I have decided it’s the time on Sprockets were we dance.

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  1. Robin 05.May.06 at 8:10 am

    Ahem … download location, please.

    When All For Nothing/Nothing for All came out, I took such delight in walking into my favorite record store, the one where I’d bought most of my ‘Mats used CDs over the years and saying, “I never, ever thought I’d get to say this, but I’d like to purchase a copy of the new Replacements CD.” And then I think I did a cartwheel. I’m not sure. Everything after that’s a little fuzzy.

    But damn if I don’t get to do that again!

  2. NBFB 05.May.06 at 11:24 am

    Restaurant tots are deep fried. That’s why they are so good. Baked tots are largely inferior because they aren’t soaked in fat.

    Personally, I bake my tots at home too, because we don’t have a fryer. I’m not allowed to purchase one because it wouldn’t be long before I was deep frying everything in the house. Have you ever had deep fried Triscuits? Now those are fucking good.

  3. UH 05.May.06 at 12:13 pm

    MMMmmm, naked stair-running.


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