At least you don’t have to secretly hate her for getting in*

Well tonight I found out the results of that which I was too afraid to speak of. I didn’t get in to the The Loft’s Mentor Series. Boo. Poor Polly Pockets (how’s that for alliteration?) gently broke the news to Peabo and I outside of Grumpy’s tonight. I didn’t know who to feel worse for, Peabo and I or Polly (who was accepted in Poetry, go Polly!).

Once again my genius goes unrecognized. I am convinced that it will continue to go unrecognized in my lifetime and only after my death will people discover my papers (or pixels, files?). But you know what? Toiling in obscurity blows.

The one eensy good thing? Peabo didn’t get in either. I told her that, standing in the parking lot outside of The Loft.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “But it’s easier knowing you didn’t get in either. I mean I would have been happy if you had gotten in and I didn’t. But it would have sucked more.”
“Oh totally,” she said.

Because she gets it. Of course doing the Mentor Series with Peabo would have been roughly 92,104,832 times better than not getting in with Peabo, but you know what I mean.

Sigh. So it goes. At least this means I get to take Dale’s writing class in the fall and then in the spring I get to spend 12 weeks terrorizing poor Vodo. Silver lining and all that, I guess.

*Wolfdogg’s response upon finding out that Peabo and I didn’t make it into the Series.

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  1. Polly 01.Aug.07 at 1:33 am

    alright, Jodi. apparently this is the one thing that will bring me out of the woodwork. “Polly Pockets”? No, I say. No. No.


    Just, no.

  2. Peabo 01.Aug.07 at 9:06 am

    I have to agree with Jodi on this one….when you were requesting a nickname earlier in the evening, Polly Pockets was the first thing that flew into my mind.

    By the way, did I ever tell you that I had an imaginary friend named Polly when I was little? She was totally the bad ass of my group (because yes, I had a GANG of imaginary friends. Four of them. ONLY CHILD!!)


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