i just would like to repeat to the world at large that 06.06.06 is my day. mine.

Dear Slayer,

I, jodichromeysupergenius aka jodi, queen of the underground would like to extend this formal invitation to you and your cohorts and your fans and people of your ilk to kiss my ass.

Nice try. If you think you are stealing 06.06.06 from me, you’ve got another thing coming. I totally called dibs on 06.06.06 way back in January. Incidentally, I called 06 as my year, and 06.06.06 specifically is my day. mine. In fact, based on my past birthday actions I called 06.06.06 sometime around 1982.

So you, Slayer (if that is your real name) can suck it. Maybe if you’re nice I will invite you to my party, but don’t count on it.

your’s ’til niagara falls,

P.S. Props the NBFB for giving me the advanced warning that these miscreants were trying to steal my day. mine.

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